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Welcome to the Stars Hollow Style store. Here you'll find everything separated out into three categories. "As Seen On" refers to the exact same styles and designs that were worn by cast members on the show. These are not the actual items worn by the actors. Our "Inspired By" section has original designs created specifically for fans of the show. You'll find inside jokes and deep show references that flow like the coffee at Luke's. Lastly, "Accessories" features wine charms and other homemade items that are sure to help compliment your ultimate Gilmore Girls collection!

Burgundy Leather Jacket


Burgundy Leather Jacket


Leather Blazers are among all things Lorelai Gilmore and this jacket is no exception. Featured on Season One of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai wore it with a shirt not different from seen in the picture. She also wore it when visiting Ms. Kim to pay for an antique chair (when she found out Rory kissed Dean).  A size small with snap buttons. It's in pretty perfect condition. Now buy it and stroll the streets of your local small town while sipping a cup of hot coffee from the local diner!

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